501(c) Registration & Services

What is a 501(c) Registration and why does your organization need it?

A 501(c) gives your organization Tax Exemption status. This status is something you must file for with the IRS. It is a requirement for all nonprofit, religious, charity and aid organizations giving such entities the legal ability to accept donations, grants and sponsorships equitable to monetary value.

However, for many organizations in their start up stage, acquiring 501(c) Tax Exemption is difficult with several steps involved in the process, supporting documents to acquire and forms to fill out.

This is where Business Solutions Group comes in. We help in the registration process from start to finish. Generally, the filing process can take about a month to complete but it will be all worth it.

A nonprofit organization with 501(c) registration opens up more opportunities for grants, sponsorships, fundraisers and charitable donations that will help fill your coffers. In principle, the more funds your coffers have, the more people you can help.

In some occasions when your organization goes through leadership changes or re-structuring, you will also need to update your file with the IRS. Business Solutions Group will be ready to usher you through the different procedures involved and assist you in compiling the supporting documents to successfully keep your 501(c) Tax Exemption status.